3D Slots

3D slot games are not new. Online gaming software providers like Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic have dabbled in 3D slots at some time. However none of them have pursued with this genre on a sustained basis. Over the last two months Rival Gaming has released six new slot games in the 3D format. In fact they have created a separate category for 3D slots within the main slots category at online casinos powered by them.

All the 3D slot games begin with a detailed introductory clip. As in the case of the Rival Gaming i-slots, the clip tells the detailed story of the theme. In Dr. Magoo the tale of his adventure is recounted in the introductory clip. The Dog Casher clip describes Cheri running away from home and getting picked up by the dog catcher.

The graphics of the reel display in the Rival gaming 3D slots also have some material differences from the usual online slot games. Both the foreground and the background are a part of a scene depicted in 3D. The reels are cleverly integrated into the scene. In Crazy Jewelry the reels appear like the window display of the store. In McMurphy the reels are set into the cottage. The operating buttons are also integrated into the objects displayed in the scenery. In Shangri-La they are the rocks in the temple garden. In Crazy Jewelry they are the shopping bags hanging in the guard’s scooter. In French Cuisine the betting information is displayed on a menu card.


The excellent Rival Gaming animations that are present in their usual slots games are very much a part of the new 3D slots as well. But the animations in the 3D slots go one step further. Bart McMurphy is seen playing football in the front garden of his cottage. These foreground animations serve two specific purposes. The big wins are applauded by one of the characters. In Shangri-La Mr. Fu leaves his fishing rod and gets up to take a bow. The character also gets active if the player leaves the reels idle for long. The guard in Crazy Jewelry starts looking at the time in his watch.

The free spins bonus rounds in many of these 3D slots games have taken a cue from the Rival Gaming i-slots. They move the story ahead. In Dog Casher Cheri is caught in the introductory clip. In the main game she along with the other dogs is in the pound and is miserable. But in the free spins round Cheri and her new friends are back home in her mansion. In McMurphy the free spins takes the family to the overseas holiday the family was planning in the introductory clip. In Mr. Magoo the main game the adventure takes place in the open in the island. In the free spins the scene shifts to the ruins where the treasure is hidden.

There are a couple of new features that have been introduced in these 3D Rival Gaming online slot games. One is a Click Me bonus. Some of the games have a special symbol. If the symbols appear on the reels in the required numbers then the player clicks one of the symbols to win a random credit award. Some of the bonus games are not triggered through a specified combination of symbols. However, when the symbols appear the player is awarded an object. In Shangri-La it is a Koi fish. In Dog Casher it is a key. When the required quantity of the item is collected the bonus round gets triggered.