5 Days to go! Be December’s Champion and receive your Prize at Club Gold Casino

Only 5 Days for the winners of December and Dino G wants to help you be a winner!

Use the SUPER OFFER below and find yourself amongst the top 20 players this month and make that prize money yours!

* To get your 500% bonus, use the code SUPERG500.
* For the 400% Bonus use the code SLALOM400.

* Go to the cashier.

*Enter one of the bonus codes above .

* Make a deposit of $50 or more for the 400% or $100 or more for the 500%.

* Receive 500% – 400% match up to $5000 instantly in your account!!

To view full details on the Winter League please click here.

Multiply your chances by 20 and win big by using the above codes 20 times and banking at the casino!

P.S. Don’t want to make a deposit? Then we’ll give you 500% if you choose to cancel your withdrawal of $50 or more

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