online bingoBingo is a game for more than one player. Each player has a card with numbers that can be marked off if the number that is drawn is also on this card.

Today a lot of online bingo is played at various online bingo sites.
It is played with the numbers 1-75, with a single sheet consisting of 24 digits (5×5 numbers). In the middle of the card there is no number. Above the columns, there are the letters B I N G O
• B-5 column contains numbers from the range 1-15
• I-5 column contains numbers from the set of 16-30
• N-  column contains four numbers in the range 31-45 and in the middle of an empty square logo
• G-5 column contains numbers from the range of 46-60
• O-5 column contains numbers from the range of 61-75
Each number comes up one time for each card. Numbers are random in each column.


The first player with a card which marked off all the numbers (full card), calls BINGO and wins. Possibly more rounds are played for someone to mark off all the numbers.
There are also variants where for example the one who marks off a horizontal or a vertical column wins.
Number of cards per player
The player can usually decide how many bingo cards he buys per round. There is no limit on the number of cards one can buy. The more bingo cards, the higher your chances of winning, of course.
Online bingo
Nowadays many play online. It is very popular, partly because of the cozy chat rooms. You can make friends while playing bingo. You can tell each other if you have won a prize and chat with each other. Playing bingo online is the same, only you do not have to scratch ut your numbers as the computer does it for you. You can buy as many bingo cards as you want and keep an overview at the same time. The difference is that there is no prize to win, but real money. In online bingo you will get your prize immediately credited to your account. If you want to cash your winnings, they will be in your account the following day.


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