Mega jackpot at Unibet !!!! Get 10% extra

The online Jackpot slot game Mega Fortune has reached mega levels once again and is currently over €12 million; very soon we will find out who will be the next multi-millionaire. In order to spice things up even more, Online casino Unibet is offering an amazing 10% on top of the 12 million to Mega Fortune players, if the jackpot is won by a Unibet customer.

How to make sure you get part of the 10% top-up:
If the jackpot is won by a Unibet player, Unibet will spread a sum equal to 10% of the jackpot, to any customers who have wagered at least €50 on Mega Fortune in the 24 hours before the jackpot was won.


a) A €12.000.000 Jackpot is won at 17:00 on Sunday 16 December by a Unibet player!

b) There were 500 people who wagered €50 or more on Mega Fortune between 17:01 on Saturday 15 December and 17:00 on Sunday 16 December.

c) Each one of those 500 customers will receive an equal share of the 10% top-up that Unibet is giving away:
– €12.000.000 x 10% = €1.200.000 top up bonus
– €1.200.000 / 500 = €2.400 bonus money for each customer who played for at least €50 on the game 24h before the jackpot was won

All you have to do to participate in this Mega Promotion is to play Mega Fortune at Unibet!

Play now and win this MEGA JACKPOT !!!!

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