Watch out; are you casino gambling “action” addict?

Archie Karras and Stuey are two of the most well-known and expert gamblers that are known to the world. Stuey was the winner of international World Series of poker championships. He won his bracelet gold in Europe and there was almost no one who could challenge him in a game of cards and win. His specialty was Gin, of which he was an uncrowned king. Archie has a more interesting story. He is the man who came to vegas with just $50 on him, took $10k from someone and made no less than $40 million using that money. He amassed this wealth just by playing cards, pool and craps.
However, pleasant both these stories may look, they did not end happy. The reason for unhappy endings was them becoming an “action addict” (as it is called in gambling world). Stuey needed to play every night no matter he won or loss. Gambling became his life.
It could still end happy for Stuey if he had stuck to playing cards. As easy was for him to play cards, he lost interest in it and wanted to risk more. He would bet on anything and everything that gave him the excitement of risk. As soon as he won in a game, he would lose it all in horse racing or other sports that he was not good at. Generally, people are afraid of losing money because if they did, they will not have a place to live or food to eat, but for stuey, he played on because he wanted to have a bankroll so that he could just keep playing more and more.
His story ended unhappily after he was found dead in a hotel room. Coroner reported, he did not die due to overdose of cocaine, (of which he as an addict) but his heart just could not take the extra torture. Of course he was one of the best card players of all time, but the one who completely lacked self-discipline.
Talking about the story of Archie, as said he turned $10k into $40 million just with his gambling skills. However, it is far more interesting to know that, he lost all of it playing back into the casinos. He too couldn’t discipline himself into keeping some of his winnings away from gambling.
The third gambler I am going to talk about was much different from Archie and Stuey. He was much more disciplined and in fact had great respect for money. This player is very well known player of video poker, Bob Dancer. He made over a million dollars in video poker over a period of six months and his secret of stashing cash was, he never played a machine where he thought the game was not in his favor (+100% ROI)
So the end of the story and lesson from the lives of all these gentlemen is to be a disciplined player. Not to give in to the temptation to play more just for the “action” of it. I am not saying, do not risk with gambling, else it will not be gambling. Gambling always entails taking some amount of risk, but play only when you are sure about having higher chances of winning the game and once you do, stop until the next session.

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